FocusMedia uses high-definition LCDs as the media platform, strategically placed in high-traffic areas ensuring that advertisements can reach the target market at places uncluttered by other forms of media.

The heart of the rapid transport system, the Light Rail Transit (LRT), is covered by FocusMedia.



Focus Media Holding Ltd.'s (FMCN) fourth-quarter profit rose 60% as the Chinese digital-advertising company saw stronger LCD display and poster frame network revenue.


commercialCommercial Location Network

     The most established network, the Commercial Location Network (CLN) targets the middle to high income earners.This is done through strategically-located LCD displays in high-traffic areas – elevator banks of high-rise commercial offices, condominiums and high-end hotels.

  • Guaranteed 400 spots per week
  • Frequency: 80 spots per day
  • Loop Cycle: 12 minutes. Material renewed weekly.
  • Operating Time: About 6am to 10pm

The CLN specifically targets the Class ABC working people. This media network hits well-educated market, those between 18 to 50 years old. Eighty-seven (87%) percent of these viewers are purchase decision makers.

Network Coverage

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS (Tektite Towers, PBCom Tower, Cityland Pasong Tamo, Cityland Herrera, Orient Square, Wynsum, Union Bank, One San Miguel, The Centerpoint, Globe 2, OMM Citra, Agustin I, Paragon Plaza, BDO Plaza, Salcedo Tower, Valero Tower, Insular Life Building, Plaza Building A (Genpact), Ortigas & Co. Building, IHUb1, Pearl Bank Center, Pryce Center, Common Goal Tower, NOL Building, Tycoon, President Tower, Kalayaan Building, Prestige Tower, L.V. Locsin, Universal Tower, Eastgate Centre, Feliza Building, 5132 Building, Plaza Building D, Atlanta Centre, Citystate Centre, The Columbia Tower, Trident Tower, Landbank of the Philippines, Benpres Building, ACT Tower, ACE Building, South Center Tower, Country Space, Alabang Business Tower, Goldloop Towers, Federal Tower, Pioneer House, State One, Blue Cross Center,Fort Legend, Picadilly Star Building)

HOTELS & RESIDENTIALS BUILDINGS (Heritage Hotel, Atrium Hotel , Oxford Suites, Sunette Tower, Fernandina 88 Suites,  Cityland Pioneer, South Star Plaza, Antel Platinum, Regalia Park Towers, Gilmore Heights, GA Tower, Marbella Mansion, Asia Tower, Lancaster Suites)