FocusMedia uses high-definition LCDs as the media platform, strategically placed in high-traffic areas ensuring that advertisements can reach the target market at places uncluttered by other forms of media.

The heart of the rapid transport system, the Light Rail Transit (LRT), is covered by FocusMedia.



Focus Media Holding Ltd.'s (FMCN) fourth-quarter profit rose 60% as the Chinese digital-advertising company saw stronger LCD display and poster frame network revenue.


Company Profile

Out-of-home audio-visual advertising is a medium that traces its development largely to changing customer lifestyle in highly-urban area where most people are on the go. Considering this in mind, a new media was born in 2005 using new technologies such as low-cost, lightweight and high-definition LCDs.


    FocusMediaAudiovisuals Inc. was established in the Philippines to duplicate the success of several Focus Media international network in Asia. It was founded in the year 2005 and became operational in July 2006.Its media networks take advantage of digital and LCD technology, broadcasting advertisements in audio-visual format. Equipped with the resources, management know-how and track record, it has created the largest digital out-of-home audiovisual network in the Philippines.

FocusMedia Audiovisuals Inc. gets its inspiration from FocusMedia China. Founded in 2003, FocusMedia China operates the largest out-of-home audio-visual advertising network in Asia. FocusMedia China has more than 80,000 installations of LCD television units and since its debut, received great attention and acclamation. FocusMedia China is the leader and the pioneer in Asia. Last July 13, 2005, FocusMedia was listed on NASDAQ National Market in New York Stock Exchange, under ticker FMCN, and has since exhibited phenomenal performance.


Employing LCDs as its media platform, FocusMedia crafted its network by strategically situating these displays in high traffic areas such as elevator banks of high-rise commercial office buildings and condominiums, hospitals, government offices, transport stations, malls, hotels, universities and schools. With this audience-centric approach, partnering with FocusMedia provides advertisers the most effective means of reaching their target consumers. The captured environment coupled with excellent engaging time creates a truly effective reach.


The company is geared towards making advertisers aware that an average working class person spends most of his time outside his home where traditional mass media is not usually accessible. Thus, respected research experts at AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines highly compliments FocusMedia in their venture. “Today’s consumers are evolving. More and more of their time is spent out of home. Nielsen Media Research is proud to be a partner of FocusMedia as we look at how LCDs is involving and engaging today’s consumers,” shares Executive Director Jay Bautista of Nielsen Media Research. Surveys independently conducted by Nielsen Media Research in 2006 showed effectiveness of the LCD Media in terms of brand awareness and ad recall.

Industry leaders are seeing the advantages of investing in FocusMedia. Aside from our value propositions on segmentation, effective reach, cost efficiency and other value-added services, the medium is audio-video and therefore, vivid, expressive and arouses the desire to consume. There is an increasing number of brands giving this medium greater attention. It is also encouraging that more and more people are noticing what FocusMedia does, starting off with reaching out to a very mobile target market at instances when they are more receptive and at a time when they have no choice but to pay attention to what is being served to them.